Sepia your photo.

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Sepia your photo.
3480988210 784a358119 o Sepia your photo.
Image by Mendhak [민다ᄏ]
Sometimes you take a photo of something which is good, but not quite "flickr worthy". In such cases, it’s worth playing around with various pre-canned settings available to you in software such as Windows Live Photo Gallery. The sepia tone here, for example, makes it look like I did a really good job of post processing, when in fact all I did was click the button that said "Click here if your photo sucks."

Now the photo doesn’t suck anymore, it looks somewhat artistic. Artistic being a relative term here, of course. The original photo was a pathway with blossom drift on it, but I couldn’t capture the true "pinkness" of the place.

sunflower – desktop background wallpaper
3173916905 623c735488 o Sepia your photo.
Image by (matt)
hope you enjoy this series of desktop background wallpapers.

these images are created for a 1.6:1 aspect ratio. the image resolution is 2560×1600, use a setting such as center or fit if you are using a different resolution.

this series is comprised of images i like and personally use as my desktop background. if there are other images in my stream you’d like to see as backgrounds send me a note.

which is better…

Image by laihiu

. . . this or that?

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13 Comentários em “Sepia your photo.”

  • Mike Lanzetta Escrito em 16 agosto, 2010, 14:23

    Wow, you nailed it! Not the photo, the explanation. J/k. Nice photo. :-)

  • egidioalpago Escrito em 16 agosto, 2010, 14:51

    Bella ..

  • rose claw Escrito em 16 agosto, 2010, 15:18

    I love the effect!
    But I don’t think your photos can ever be not flickr worthy.

  • Adam N. Ward Escrito em 16 agosto, 2010, 16:16

    Your "anti-suck" button is lying to you. That image contains true black (rgb:0,0,0) pixels! Sepia cannot contain true black or true white!

    You have been betrayed. Sue MS.

    Having said that, it is a lovely image.

  • Church of One Escrito em 16 agosto, 2010, 16:53

    I just viewed this for the commentary.

  • Mendhak [민다ᄏ] Escrito em 16 agosto, 2010, 17:12

    I just do this for the commentary. 😀

  • Brieff Escrito em 16 agosto, 2010, 17:47

    I love your logic!

  • christie yunhwa Escrito em 16 agosto, 2010, 18:32

    I LOVE SEPIA. but it’s so hard to make a photo look REALLY good with it.

    ps. sorry for the rape-age of your photos.
    i needed to kill some time.

  • Mendhak [민다ᄏ] Escrito em 16 agosto, 2010, 19:12

    It’s almost like talking real time on some faggoty Apple-based instant messaging client!

  • christie yunhwa Escrito em 16 agosto, 2010, 19:28

    is that a jab at mac users?

    i would cut you if you were here.

  • Mendhak [민다ᄏ] Escrito em 16 agosto, 2010, 20:23

    You’d pay homage to me for showing you the light. Or radiation, as the case may be.

  • jenover2010 Escrito em 16 agosto, 2010, 21:05

    love this picture!!

  • Skullkid Escrito em 16 agosto, 2010, 21:56

    fun wallpaper
    I like that kitty cut up :)

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